Blue Bell Mooo Bar, Krunch Bar, and Fudge Bar made into Halloween treats.

Boo Bell Snack Bars

These Blue Bell frozen snacks are frighteningly delicious! Transform your Mooo Bar, Krunch Bar or Fudge Bar into a chillingly sweet treat this Halloween.

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Boo Bell Snack Bars



  1. Mummy Bar - In a medium bowl melt mini marshmallows in microwave for 20-30 seconds. Mix well. Using a large spoon wrap melted marshmallow around a Blue Bell Fudge Bar. Add candy eyes.
  2. Bat Bar - Remove crème filling from chocolate cookie. Break cookie in half and place on a Blue Bell Krunch Bar. Add candy eyes.
  3. Frankenstein Bar - Apply green icing, chocolate sprinkles and miniature milk chocolate peanut butter cups. Add candy eyes. Optional: You may substitute green icing for melted marshmallows mixed with green food coloring.
  4. Keep your decorated Boo Bell Snack Bars in freezer until ready to serve.



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