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NARRATOR: At Blue Bell, we make what some say is the best ice cream in the country.

With upgraded facilities and best-in-class processes, our production is an industry leader too. (visual of modern, clean production area)

Join us for a quick tour and see why, at Blue Bell, we love what we do.

NARRATOR or TEXT: 4 a.m. – Our days start early when the freshest milk is delivered from nearby dairy farms and stored in our refrigerated silos.

4:30 a.m.- We begin testing to make sure the production area is clean and safe.

Testing continues throughout the day. Samples are analyzed by an independent, outside lab.

6 a.m. – Our production employees arrive and begin their own extensive cleaning and sanitation process.

7 a.m. – NOW we get to make ice cream!

The farm-fresh milk is blended together with cream, condensed milk, and other ingredients to produce our ice cream base.

It travels through a homogenization system to create a smooth, rich mix, then through a system which heats the mix to 185 degrees for exactly 25 seconds to pasteurize it.

Then, it’s immediately cooled to 40 degrees and placed in holding tanks, where some of your favorite flavors like mint and strawberry are added.

The ice cream is whipped and cooled even further to 22 degrees.

Delicious, pre-tested ingredients like fruit, nuts, candy or cookies are added to the ice cream to create some customer favorites like Cookie Two Step.

The mix flows into the filling station, where half gallons are filled with ice cream.

The ice cream is carried on a conveyor belt to the blast freezer – which is REALLY freezing at -40 degrees with a wind chill of -100.

When all the ice cream is made, our employees again clean and sterilize the equipment, so we are ready to make ice cream the next day.

The ice cream is moved into cold storage, where it is held until tests confirm it is safe.

NARRATOR: Then it’s loaded onto a Blue Bell truck…and hand-delivered from our creamery…to your store…for you and your family to enjoy.
We are Blue Bell.
We are family.
Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters,
All honored to wear the Blue Bell name.
We are production employees, upholding the highest standards in the industry.
We are drivers delivering ice cream and greeting customers in the freezer aisle.
We love what we do. And we take great care in how we do it.
Because we don’t just make ice cream…we make memories.
We’re not just a company,
We are Blue Bell.