Belle's Blog

Meet Belle

Hi folks! My name is Belle – the official mascot of Blue Bell Ice Cream – and I’m so excited to start my very own blog. I thought to myself what better way to start this thing off than with a little bit about me and why I’m writing a blog.

Some of you might recognize me from the Blue Bell commercials.

I love making Blue Bell commercials! I get to sing, wear pearls and they even put me on all of their ice cream cartons and frozen snack boxes.

I come from a long line of showbiz Jersey cows. Here is a picture of me and my sisters. Can you guess which one I am?

A lady never tells her age, but let’s just say I’ve been around Blue Bell for a very long time. Everywhere you see our official “cow and girl” Blue Bell logo, as we call it, you see me and the Country Girl. She’s our official ambassador who travels from city to city talking about Blue Bell. I’ll tell you more about her in a later blog.

My home is at the Jersey Barnyard in LaGrange, Texas, but my heart is always in Brenham where Blue Bell is located.

I love Blue Bell Ice Cream and all the great folks who work there very much. I think the best way to share all the good things that go on at Blue Bell is with a blog. I mean, doesn’t everybody have a blog these days?

Any time I’m not working on the farm you can bet I’ll be blogging for all of our Country Club members to read. And I’m going to tell you anything and everything you could possibly want to know about Blue Bell and ice cream. Do you know how to properly transport and store your ice cream? You can read about it here in my blog. Can you tell me the difference between a bluebonnet and a bluebell? I’ll tell you. Who is the genius that created the original Homemade Vanilla? I know him personally. I’ll introduce you. It really does taste just like you hand cranked it on your back porch!

All this great information and more coming soon!