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Blue Bell puts a sweet twist on new pumpkin ice cream

BRENHAM – The newest creation from Blue Bell is not your basic pumpkin ice cream. Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Ice Cream is sweetened and spiced to perfection. It is a delightful spiced pumpkin ice cream combined with tasty sugar-coated pecans and a rich cinnamon-honey-praline sauce.

“This is a recipe we have been working on for some time,” said Carl Breed, director of marketing for Blue Bell. “You have your basic pumpkin ice cream that is popular during the fall months, but we wanted to create a flavor that was much more than simply pumpkin. We tried several different combinations of added ingredients until we found one we could not stop sampling.”

The sugar-coated pecans and cinnamon-honey-praline sauce are what set this pumpkin based ice cream apart from all the rest. “The pecans and sauce are what really enhance the flavor of this ice cream,” Breed added. “The spiced pumpkin ice cream is very similar to what a pumpkin pie tastes like, add in the sweetness from the pecans and sauce and you have something spectacular.”

Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Ice Cream will debut in stores in November and is only available while supplies last.

Also look for Peppermint Ice Cream in stores this month. This popular wintertime flavor is a cool, refreshing peppermint ice cream sprinkled with peppermint candy pieces.

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