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Blue Bell introduces new radio jingle from country music singer/songwriter Aaron Barker

Those who love to listen for the gentle lilt of Blue Bell radio commercials have a new treat in store. Aaron Barker, well-known Nashville country music singer/songwriter, who has been writing music for Blue Bell radio spots since 1988, has written a new song, "More Than Just Ice Cream." It made its debut on March 28 across most Blue Bell markets.

Barker is known for writing country music hits like “Baby Blue,” “Love Without End, Amen,” “Easy Come, Easy Go,” and “I’d Like to Have That One Back” for legendary performer George Strait. He has also penned hits for Clay Walker, Neal McCoy and Lonestar. 

Barker says he approaches the concept of a Blue Bell song just as he would if he were writing about love or regrets or children or any other standard topic of country music.

Roger Christian of Roger Christian & Company in San Antonio, Blue Bell’s outside creative director, first thought of the concept of writing a song about the fact that there is “more” in a carton of Blue Bell than just ice cream. He suggested to Barker that there are a lot of fond memories in every bite.

“Because Blue Bell Ice Cream really has been made in the same small Texas town since 1911,” explains Barker, “it’s easy to conjure up images of that slower, sweeter country life that many of us remember from our childhood, when we actually had time to enjoy summer sunrises, picnics and long Sunday drives.”

The theme of the new Blue Bell song is that “there are so many good things in a carton of Blue Bell,” including memories of “clear country mornings,” “old front-porch swings,” “lemonade stands” and those sunrises, picnics and long Sunday drives mentioned above.

“Aaron has a real gift for touching his listeners’ hearts,” said Blue Bell Advertising Manager Jim Hayhurst.  “No obvious effort, no dramatic demand for attention, but his music and words, though they are low-key and understated, reach people immediately.  We are proud to be working with him.  He always produces something thoughtful and beautiful.”

The new song was recorded at The Moose Lodge in Nashville with Barker himself playing guitar and singing, along with sidemen Moose Brown, Ira Dean and Larry Herbstritt. Chip Davis and Amelia Ruble provided backup vocals. The engineer at The Moose Lodge was Jeremy Brown. Rob Matson was the engineer at County Q Productions, also in Nashville, who provided the overdubs and mix.

Blue Bell consumers will now, thanks to Aaron Barker, have a new reason to listen for Blue Bell spots on the radio—a welcome musical oasis in a busy world.

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