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Heather Brown's "ice cream for dinner" wins Do Tell! contest

Read Heather Brown's winning entry below.

Every once in a blue moon, we would be running late coming home in the evenings and ask my Mom, “What’s for dinner?” Expecting tuna fish sandwiches or leftover pot roast, we were shocked when she said ICE CREAM!!! It didn’t happen very often, in fact maybe twice a year, but when it did it was nothing short of sheer awesomeness! Banana splits, sundaes, or cones, everything goes on a magical night like this! She always bought Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and the sky was the limit for toppings.

I remember the drive home those evenings waiting for her to pull into our local grocery store so one of us could dash in and get the Blue Bell. I remember my Mother handing me money and reminding me to do the “press test!” What is the “press test” you may ask? It is simple (makes me smile remembering); since Blue Bell was a constant staple in my Mother’s freezer she had invented the “press test.” If the ice cream was to go home and directly into the freezer then softly press the plastic window with your finger and make sure it is firm, but if we were going to have ice cream for dinner then the ice cream had to be soft. Goodness knows we wanted it soft enough to scoop as soon as our mouths made it through the front door!

Once we pulled in the driveway, we bolted out from the White Whale (our 1986 white Ford station wagon), ice cream in tow, mouths watering as our minds raced with magical combinations! During the frenzy we tried pineapple, peanut butter, strawberry jelly, pecans, chocolate chips, anything and everything making crazy delicious combinations. I can still see us scooping, fingers sticky, crazy-eyed, bursting with excitement; we were mad scientists grinning from ear-to-ear!

Looking back those were the “Good Ol’ Days” as my Brother would say, since our sweet Mother passed away last October. I miss her dearly each and every day and it is amazing how simply writing this entry reminded me of my childhood and my Mother. My Mother was exemplary, extraordinary, amazing, enlightening, encouraging and so many other words that cannot capture the multi-facets of perfect that made my Mother, after all she gave us ice cream for dinner.

This is one of those crazy memories from my childhood that I plan on doing with my little ones. After all, it is the crazy happy memories that last from the days when ice cream seemed like the perfect dinner! As I sit here smiling with tears streaming down my face it is my sworn promise to give my children ice cream for dinner! I want them to have a crazy happy memory to remember me when they have children of their own. So as you sit here reading my story, it is my request of you to make “ice cream for dinner” memories with your kids, I promise they will remember!

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