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Blue Bell introduces new ice cream flavor, perfect treat to cool down those hot summer days ahead

BRENHAM - Have a seat in your favorite lounge chair out by the pool, throw on a pair of sunglasses and enjoy life with a big bowl of the newest flavor of Blue Bell, Homemade in the Shade Ice Cream.

Homemade in the Shade is Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream combined with a swirl of rich, chocolate fudge sauce.

“We hear from many of our fans how much they love to eat our Homemade Vanilla covered in chocolate sauce,” said Paul Kruse, Blue Bell CEO and president. “Now you don’t have to worry about the perfect distribution of sauce on top of your ice cream. I promise you we have chocolate fudge sauce swirled perfectly throughout Homemade in the Shade Ice Cream. You’ll have ice cream and chocolate sauce in every bite.”

Homemade in the Shade Ice Cream will be available in stores beginning in April.

“It will arrive in stores just in time for those rising temperatures,” Kruse added. “Homemade in the Shade Ice Cream is as cool and refreshing as the name implies. It’s a simple concept, combining our Homemade Vanilla with a fudge sauce, which I know our ice cream fans will love.”

Also look for these popular Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors in your grocer’s freezer, Southern Blackberry Cobbler, Fudge Brownie Nut and Peaches & Homemade Vanilla.

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