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Since our ice cream isn't sold everywhere, a lot of folks ask us to ship it to them.


We're always glad to share our ice cream with others, so if you're interested in having Blue Bell delivered to your home or to friends, here's the scoop:

At a price of $129, for four half gallons, we can ship anywhere in the USA. Visit Our Ice Cream to find out which half gallon flavors are available to order. *Most of the cost is a result of the shipping charges, but it is one way to get "the best ice cream in the country" to you or someone else who can't get it otherwise.

All ice cream is shipped UPS for next day delivery. We are set up to ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Gift pack orders can only be placed by phone and must be placed by 2:00p.m. Central Standard Time, the weekday prior to the shipping date. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. 

To place your gift pack order, please call (979) 836-7977. One of our friendly sales staff will be glad to help you.

*Prices good for Continental US only. Shipping to Anchorage, Alaska or Hawaii will incur higher shipping fees.

**There is no next day delivery guarantee for shipments delayed due to weather or conditions beyond our control. Under normal circumstances the ice cream should remain frozen for up to 36 hours.

***Due to a heavy volume of orders we can only fill a limited number each day. Orders will be taken and sent out on a first come, first served basis.

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